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Spare parts for B, C, Small V, 743, 855, L10, V903, V28 & K Series.

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# Fuel Injection Parts: Cup, Plunger & Barrel, Injector Assey, Solenoid Valve, Fuel Pump, Gear Pump, Shutdown Valve, Coupling, Spider, Gasket & Seal Ring etc.

# Valve Train & Cylinder Head Component Parts: Valve, Guide, Insert, Lockhalf, Spring, Seal, Tube, Roller & Pin, Cam Follower Parts, Push Rod, Rocker Lever Parts, Head Assey, Tappet Valve etc.

# Accessory Drive & Camshaft Group: Gear, Shaft, Housing, Thrust Washer, Camshaft Assey, Cam Bushing, Support etc.

# Seal Group: Crank Front Seal, Crank Rear Seal, Oversize Seal, Double Seal, Seal Sleeve, Timing Seal, Water Pump Seal, Miscellaneous Seal etc.

# Piston & Connecting Rod Group: Con. Rod Bushing, Bolt, Nut, Con. Rod Assey, Ring Set, Liner Kit, Piston Kit, Pin, Cylinder Kit etc.

# Cooling & Water Pump Group: Water Pump Assey, W/P Repair Kit, Shaft, Impeller, Idler Assey, thermostate, Cooling Nozzle, Oil Pump, Oil Pan, After Cooler Core, After Cooler Housing, Oil Cooler Assey, Oil Cooler Repair Kit, Gasket & Seal etc.

# Air Compressor Parts: Gorvenor, Bushing, Piston Kit, Oversize Piston, Ring Set, Oversize Ring Set, Comp. Repair Kit, Con. Rod, Crankshaft etc.

# Turbocharger Parts: Turbocharger Assey, Repair Kit, Wheel & Shaft, Bushing, Bearing, Hose, Clamp, Insulator, Sleeve etc.

# Vibration Damper & Belt Group: Damper, W/P Belt, Alternator Belt, Fan Belt etc.

# Engine Bearing Group: Main Bearing, Con. Rod Bearing, Thrust Washer, Oversize Bearing etc.

# Gasket Group: Head Gasket, Rocker Lever Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket, Head O/H Gasket Set, Lower O/H Gasket Set etc.

# Miscellaneous Parts: Dip Stick, Oil Filler Cap, Manifold, Twin Disc Plate, Flywheel Housing, Crankshaft & Gear, Air Breather, Filter Head, Variable Switch etc.

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